Now that we’re back in school, the count down to the end of the year starts!  Now that you’ve finished today, there are only 31 1/2  school days left!  That’s just over 6 weeks!  You are almost sixth graders, and that means that we have a lot of work to do to to make sure you’re prepared!

It looks like a lot of homework tonight, but I know that a lot of you already had most of it done :)

Reading – write 9 complete sentences using your vocabulary words

Math – finish the fraction worksheet (and color!)

Spelling – Unit 29 cursive words

Social Studies – Ch. 6  Lesson 2 review p.212-213


Tonight’s Question:

When we plant our seeds tomorrow in our terrariums, do you think the seeds will grow better or worse than how they grew in the gel? Why?

7 Responses to Tuesday

  1. I think they will grow better in the soil cuz planets grow in soil origanialy and in the yellow gel that was the first time ive seen planets grow in gel and even though they grew well i think theyre gonna grow better in the soil in the terrarium

  2. I think it will be better because there will be more room in there terrarium and soil will help the plants grow better than the yellow gel

  3. I think they will grow better in the soil then in gel. Why I think that is because the plants can get mold on them in the gel and the soil in not “see through”.

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