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District 228 did not participate in an Illinois State Board of Education school climate survey known as 5Essentials.  By statute we are required to participate this year, so we ask you to follow this link and submit your feedback.  The results will be shared if we receive enough responses and they may become part of our 2014 School and District Report Cards.”

The deadline for participation is April 25, 2014.

Senate President, John Cullerton, recently shared information regarding a potential $3B shortfall in the Illinois budget next fiscal year.  He seeks bipartisan support and participation to find solutions.  Here is a link to the full news conference.

cullertonarrow2The graphic depicts visually the challenges ahead for the General Assembly looking ahead to 2015.

Please click this link to move to a YouTube video describing the changes to the 2013-14 school calendar.

January has been an extraordinary month causing us to take our allotted 5 Emergency Days within a 3 week time period.  There will be a number of places that you can find the changes, in addition to this blog, including the District Facebook page, District Twitter, District Website, and we will be providing SchoolMessenger reminders as well.

We understand that the changes in the calendar may inconvenience some of you, but we hope that you understand that the decisions are made to provide the greatest opportunity for students to attend school at the most productive times possible.

The forecast for February doesn’t give us much optimism for shorts and t-shirt weather, but we will do the best we can to balance the desires of having school with making decisions with safety of ALL children in mind.

The combination of dangerous air temperatures and wind chills to start the day, coupled with some roads that continue to be slick, create another situation where we will need to close schools on Tuesday.  We recognize that this is a frustrating time for everyone, but as this is an exceptional winter so far, we will continue to error on the side of safety.

We see that by mid-day, the temperatures will increase and the winds should have dissipated quite a bit.  This is why there will be some optional practices for middle school and high school students.  It by no means validates comments that sports is more important than school, and just as many people were upset that there was no practice today as are upset there may be some practices on Tuesday.

Some also ask why we do not operate “late starts” like some do during inclement weather.  We believe that these types of schedules can be even more challenging for students and parents, as well as creating great potential for surprises for drivers not used to seeing buses at later times.  We worry about children being unattended at later bus stops during this time of extreme cold due to parents having to leave earlier for work .

Certainly there is no perfect formula to making decisions related to school closing, early dismissals, etc. and much like some fans serving as sports experts, I recognize that there are no shortage of opinions about whether or not school should be open, closed, practices held or not, etc.

I’m grateful for your patience and grateful for well wishes for much warmer weather and the end of winter.  Sadly, the Almanac says we’re in for some more cold, snow and wind over the next several weeks.  Hope to see everyone back in their desks on Wednesday!  Scott Kuffel, Superintendent

Due to the dangerous wind chills, and now combined with changing road conditions, there will be no school on Monday, January 27th.  The S.A.F.E. Program will also be closed and there will be no practices or games on Monday.  The Tuesday forecast also looks like it could be challenging, but we will monitor and keep you posted.  Please keep safe and warm!

Unfortunately, the forecast for tomorrow brings another case of severe windchill.  Additionally the snow this afternoon, combined with high winds has increased the drifting for our rural routes.  We had hoped for school tomorrow, but this has been an exceptional winter already, and many, many of the  districts in our area are siding on the decision to close schools.

School will be dismissed after a half day of attendance on Friday, January 17th for School Improvement Activities by faculty.  Teachers will be involved with enhancing their curriculum work in the Atlas System.

There will be no school on Monday, January 20, 2014 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day.