Cyber Safety ALERT

To the Geneseo School Community: The administration of District 228 and the Geneseo Police have been made aware of several instances where female students have been contacted inappropriately through “Snapchat”. There is an open investigation presently and it is hoped that the perpetrator will be identified and apprehended very soon. Here are some ways that you can help:

1. Please have a conversation with your child about sharing with you any suspicious or inappropriate contact they may receive digitally on their laptop, phone, etc.

2. Should you or your child receive any inappropriate communication via Snapchat or any other apps, please be sure to contact a school official and/or the Geneseo Police.

3. This is a good opportunity to monitor the communication your child uses online, particularly middle school age children, to help them understand both the value and the dangers of the digital world.

The Geneseo Schools remain vigilant supporting the ongoing investigation, and we will be available to students who wish to report any information related to this case. We must work together to keep lines of communication available to the police and to keep our children safe from these types of predators. Thank you for your assistance and persistence in this manner.

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Illinois and Next Generation Science Standards

Illinois is one of 26 states who have been working on a Common Core-like framework for science curriculum.  Eight states have already fully adopted the standards, but the Illinois State Board of Education did not adopt and determine that all schools in Illinois will be expected to follow this curriculum until February 2014.  Schools will be expected to be implementing the new curriculum for the 2016-17 school year.

The states who have been involved with the process have been partnering with Achieve, Inc. who is a major reform group with these contributors.  Unquestionably the ACT Benchmarks in science have been the standard most difficult for students, both in Geneseo, and across the country, to reach.

The district will be taking a careful look at the why, the what, and the how of the Next Generation Science Standards appropriately serve our students.

There is also no understanding yet of how students will be tested on this curriculum, whether something will be added to the PARCC testing cycle, or a separate battery of tests will be administered, but most certainly we should expect with the folks we can already see “involved” with NGSS, there will be some type of accountability measure in place.

ProjectLEAF moving ahead! Join us on May 12th

You are welcome to attend the 5th session of ProjectLEAF this evening at St Malachy Hall at 7 pm.  There are a number of different scenarios and possible renovations/new construction to review.  There will be some information regarding financial impact of the various scenarios to allow participants to weigh things like educational adequacy, first costs, sustainable costs, tax implications, etc.  Should be a great evening!

Parents Invited to Participate in 5Essentials Survey

District 228 did not participate in an Illinois State Board of Education school climate survey known as 5Essentials.  By statute we are required to participate this year, so we ask you to follow this link and submit your feedback.  The results will be shared if we receive enough responses and they may become part of our 2014 School and District Report Cards.”

The deadline for participation is April 25, 2014.

Senate President Forecasts more Doom and Gloom for School Financing

Senate President, John Cullerton, recently shared information regarding a potential $3B shortfall in the Illinois budget next fiscal year.  He seeks bipartisan support and participation to find solutions.  Here is a link to the full news conference.

cullertonarrow2The graphic depicts visually the challenges ahead for the General Assembly looking ahead to 2015.