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WVIK, Augustana Public Radio, will broadcast the 2013 Illinois Music Educators Association Honors concert featuring area high school students in band, orchestra and choir on June 23 and June 30.

Geneseo students involved are:

Shaina Lohman, Chelsea Schwarzkopf, Taylor Hager, Corbyn Beck, Lily Kluge, Courtney LaBrie, Kim Moore, Michael Daniels, Gabby Cooney, Chas Young, Allison Yerkey, Luke Larson, Megan Roome, Heather Robinson, Jessica Schaumburg, Taylor Heppner, Naomi Terpening, Clare Possin, Morgan Bowton, Daniel Sears, Hannah Johnson, Ryan Zummallen, Karl Flynn, Hunter Kuffel, Dugan Kuffel, Kamron Wilson

WVIK to broadcast 2013 IMEA Honors concerts

Rock Island, Ill. – WVIK, Augustana Public Radio, will broadcast the 2013 Illinois Music Educators Association Honors concert featuring area high school students in band, orchestra and choir.

The first broadcast, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 23, will feature the band and chorus. The second, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, will feature the chorus and orchestra, ending with America the Beautiful, featuring the band, chorus and orchestra.

Recorded the week of January 23, 2013, at the Peoria Civic Center, the concerts showcase 600 accomplished high school musicians. Students came from nine evenly divided State Districts and had to win three auditions to make it into these top ensembles.

Students from the Quad-Cities area came from Rock Island High School, Geneseo High School, Moline High School, Rockridge High School, Galesburg High School, Quincy Notre Dame High School and Quincy Senior High School. (A list of students is included with the email.)

Performances include works by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach and Sousa.

From Geneseo, the sponsors for the concerts are Ford And Sons Inc., Hanford Insurance Agency, Becker & Becker Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Puentes Construction, Maple Leaf Medical Services and Community School District 228.

For more information, please contact Colleen Sibthorp, WVIK’s business manager, at (309) 794-7741 or


About WVIK: WVIK, broadcasting at 90.3 FM in the Quad Cities and 95.9 in Dubuque, Iowa, is the source for public radio for the Quad Cities and surrounding 75-mile radius in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. WVIK’s 30,000 weekly listeners trust the station’s award-winning journalism, thoughtful array of music and insightful commentary. WVIK consistently is ranked as the number one “most listened to” public radio station in the Quad Cities.

The Daily Beast and Newsweek have published their list of the best 2,000 high schools in the nation recently.  Geneseo HS makes the grade this year!  Previously we posted that we were part of the US News and World Report’s top ranking in both Illinois and nation-wide, but mysteriously the data changed and we were unranked.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen here!

From their site, this is a quick summary of the methodology: “This year our ranking highlights the best 2,000 public high schools in the nation—those that have proven to be the most effective in turning out college-ready grads. The list is based on six components: graduation rate (25 percent), college acceptance rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), average AP/IB/AICE scores (10 percent), and percent of students enrolled in at least one AP/IB/AICE course (5 percent).”


Congratulations to Geneseo High School!

There will be no school for students on Monday, April 29th. Teachers will be engaged in work to review, revise and input written curriculum for all courses taught within the District, PK-12 so that eventually all parents, students, staff, and those all around the world– will be able to view all units of instruction through a digital platform. The district has partnered with Rubicon Atlas to bring this forward and we expect that at the start of next school year you will be able to view curriculum from the District Website in a clear and easy to use format.


Rock Island 7.50                                Downers Grove 8.25

Moline 7.50                                         Rockford 8.25

Galesburg 8.50                                   Bettendorf 7.00

Geneseo 6.75 (Pre April 9th)           Davenport 7.00

Peoria 8.25                                          LeClaire 7.00

Silvis 6.75

The sales tax for some goods would raise to 7.75% in Geneseo after April 9th.  Here’s a link if you want to explore other community sales tax rates.

Assume a person drives from Geneseo to Best Buy in Moline for an item that costs the same at Village Maytag or at Best Buy. We know that

cost of the item, cost of delivery, service, etc. all play into the decision, but assume all factors are equal except sales tax and location of the store.

The shortest route is 22.55 miles one way (45.1 miles)

Assume that you can average 20 mpg and assume 2.255 gallons of gas

Assume $3.60/gal= $8.12 worth of gas

Assume the item costs $400

Total Sales tax in Moline= $30.00

Sales tax in Geneseo= $31.00


So the Geneseo resident would pay $1 extra in sales tax for the appliance at Village Maytag, but would pay $8 in gas.

Let’s now look at a $400 appliance purchased in Davenport versus Geneseo.  This would result in the following

Davenport Sales Tax= $28.00

Geneseo Sales Tax= $31.00

So why would a person buying a $400 appliance travel to Davenport (26.75 miles each way) if it costs the same in Geneseo?

Distance 53.5 miles

Gallons of gas 2.675

Cost of gas $9.63

Is it economical to drive to Davenport, or Moline, even if you do pay a little more in sales tax?  It wouldn’t appear that sales tax then becomes the main criteria in determining many of these purchases?  And if sales tax is such an inhibitor to business/retail/restaurant development, the current sales tax in all of the Quad Cities communities (both on the Iowa and Illinois side) is already higher than the current 6.75% in Geneseo; yet Elmore Avenue, 53rd, etc. seem to have many shopping and dining spots also.

If you also consider the value of the extra 1% as it relates to the Geneseo Schools:

That same appliance purchased in Geneseo generates $4.00 for Henry County Schools.  Geneseo District 228 makes up approximately 31.6% of all Henry County students

So if the Geneseo resident (or Henry County shopper) stays home and pays the extra $4 for that appliance, it’s worth $1.26 to the School District.

Henry County Consumers save $ on travel, and also can contribute to better County-wide school facilities, while lessening the property tax burden for facilities!

Hmmmmm…. shopping and dining in Geneseo and Henry County helps employ people, supports local commerce, and if the additional Henry County Schools Facilities Sales Tax is approved, provides needed– and not just wanted— funds for all schools in our County.  Think about it.  It makes “cents”!

It’s far more common these days to find people wanting to compare test scores, or graduation rates, or results from conference tournaments, etc. Sometimes data helps inform us, sometimes it creates more questions. Here is an example of some data from annual financial reports of the six high schools that make up the Northern Illinois Big 12 schools on the Western side of the conference.

What might be other data you would find useful when thinking about what we do in District 228?

While it’s easy for many of us to complain about whether we can or should drive somewhere during inclement weather, or whether or not there should be school, it’s not always as easy to take a moment and appreciate the efforts that are taken to clear sidewalks, parking lots, roads, etc.

Whether privately done, or publicly done, much work goes into trying to stay ahead of snow, slush, ice, winds, etc.  Much ppreciation to the City of Atkinson and the City of Geneseo, and to the township and state road workers,  for getting the job done, despite tight budgets.

Our own Maintenance Department, led by Randy Bormann, and including Jim Gentry, Dennis Renner, Mike Rusk, Rod Capps, along with morning custodians— begin their days while many are still snuggled in bed…. making sure that we can have places for faculty and students to park, to open entry roads into the buildings, to ensure the heat is on, and that we have as safe an environment as we can.

So thank you to all who often work around the clock during this stretch of weather!

The Blizzard of '03

I had an opportunity to visit with Senator Darin LaHood this morning in Springfield. It is truly refreshing to be able to meet with such an accessible, thoughtful and responsive legislator. Senator LaHood certainly has some difficult challenges ahead, as do all legislators, but he asks great questions, is honest and reflective in his responses and truly is a professional legislator.

This session of the General Assembly will be full of debate regarding General State Aid, State Budget, Pension reform and many, many other bills unrelated to education. However, credit should be given where credit is due, and in the legacy of Senator Sieben, I believe we have a state senator who has deep core values and is listening.