Instructions to Apply for High School Principal Vacancy for 2017-18

Geneseo High School Principal Vacancy

Application Packet to Submit for Consideration

Geneseo High School will be replacing Mr. Michael Haugse, who has served with merit as high school principal for more than a decade.  The district now accepts applications for a position that officially begins on July 1, 2017.   Mr. Haugse will retire effective June 30, 2017.

Geneseo Community Unit School District #228 is seeking a principal for 2017-18 who has demonstrated building-level administrative experience of at least 3 years, who has a proven record of teacher evaluation, curriculum review and evaluation, data analysis, supervising support staff, possesses high levels of organizational skills, and can build effective relationships with students, staff, and the greater school community. The effective candidate possesses an exemplary work ethic, strong communications skills for relationship and trust building, thorough understanding of the change process, and the ability to enhance existing successes while innovating areas in need of improvement.

Any interested person who applies for the position should submit hard paper copies of the following items to the attention of :

Scott Kuffel, Superintendent

648 N. Chicago St.

Geneseo, IL 61254

The envelope should be clearly marked “High School Principal Application”

The envelope should contain the following items to ensure consideration.  Failure to submit a complete packet may disqualify a candidate.

  1. A cover letter indicating interest in the position
  2. An essay, separate from the cover letter that explains the candidate’s vision of a highly effective high school,  which then connects the candidate’s personal and professional attributes to an ability to lead such a high school.
  3. A copy of current resume emphasizing key work experiences preparing candidate for this position.
  4. A minimum of four letters of reference: with at least one coming from someone the candidate supervised in some capacity.  No reference letter should be older than three years.
  5. Copies of all post-secondary transcripts
  6. A copy of or proof of current and valid endorsement to serve as a principal in Illinois.


  1. Applications accepted until 3:00 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016.
  2. Candidates selected for an initial interview will be notified and scheduled by Friday, December 2, 2016.
  3. First round of interviews will be scheduled for the period between December 7-20.
  4. Second round of interviews will be conducted the week of January 9, 2017.
  5. Final recommendation will be prepared by January 23, 2017.
  6. Board of Education approves new Geneseo High School Principal at February 9, 2017 regular Board meeting.

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Scott Kuffel, Superintendent at or by phone at (309)-945-0450.

The “Hits” Keep Coming

The Illinois Association of School Boards has recently updated a list of mandates that the Illinois General Assembly has placed on schools — WITHOUT adequate funding to support the initiatives.  While some of these are difficult to argue against, because they are common sense safety initiatives; there are others that lead you to wonder whether or not they have a place on the floor of a statehouse for a vote.  Perhaps legislators could spend some time voting out 2 laws that are no longer as necessary before adding one.

October 19, 2016 Half-Day of Student Attendance

Just a reminder that school will be dismissed after one-half day of attendance on Wednesday, October 19th, for the purpose of teacher inservice.  Teachers will be working on aligning science curriculum and social studies curriculum to state standards.  They will be expanding lessons using Google Classroom, and reviewing 1st quarter assessments.  Other breakout sessions will also be available for teacher growth on Wednesday afternoon.

Talking to your children about the current scary things out there…

After 32 years as a public educator, I never thought that I would be writing a note about clowns scaring people, but I also never thought 32 years ago about being able to type something that thousands of people could read on a computer, or make a phone call that went out to thousands of people at once.

This epidemic of the scariness of the clowns via the news media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is an issue that the school district takes seriously, primarily because it is impacting the ability of children to focus and learn, which is our core mission here at school.

You can help us by being sensitive to your children’s concerns and assuring them, as you can, that you do all you can to keep them safe at home and that the school district does all it can to keep them safe when they are with us.  Much of these news stories have undocumented rumors and innuendo, and we know that there have been Internet threats made via posts by a Clowny Bobby or under other pseudonyms, in fact, just up the road in Prophetstown.

But please know this– should someone come onto any of our school grounds, dressed in a manner to scare children or adults, or try any type of communication that is threatening, intimidating, or intended to frighten or harm children or adults– we will file whatever formal complaint is necessary to move charges to be filed.  Mr. Haugse and I often talk about how we sometimes hear adults tell us, “They were just students playing a prank.”  Too often these so called pranks are actually vandalism, or in the cases of these clown incidents, blatant intimidation and harassment.

So for those of you with younger students, please talk to your children and reassure them that many adults are vigilant in trying to keep them safe from harm.  And if you have older children, who have access to social media, this is a great time to let them know to exercise good judgment– encouraging this “clownish” behavior or inviting clowns onto our campus will result in consequences for those students inciting such nonsense.

We all want this Homecoming Weekend to be a memorable one for our students and the many alumni who will be returning to our school community.  May we quickly return to a focus of a mission to Teach-Learn-Care; and comforting frightened students at this time fits right into that mission.  We appreciate your engagement with this at home, and we will do our best to do right by your children at our schools.

Should you see or hear any issues of concern, please contact your school office or call the Central Office at (309)-945-0450.

Scott Kuffel, Superintendent

State Board prepares ESSA Draft

In 2015 Congress approved the bipartisan legislation known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, which reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  This effectively replaces the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Illinois State Board of Education is required to develop an implementation plan to be approved by the Department of Education and this draft plan is to be approved in the spring of 2017 for full implementation by 2017-18.  We will endeavor to provide you with more tidbits of information over the coming months, but you can find more here at this State Board page.