This topic has little to do with Computers but was a fun project I did last weekend.  My wife informed me that our GE-XL44 Range oven was not turning on and therefore it was my responsibility to cook until it was fixed.  After fiddling with the oven for a while I could indeed confirm that only the broiler function worked and that the oven function had no response.  I have zero experience with a gas oven so I decided to take it apart and look for a problem.  With the bottom of the oven exposed (removed 2 screws) you can see that the oven operates very similar to a gas grill with an electric ignition.  Instead of using a spark to light the cause the oven has a glowing stick ignitor that lights up when the oven is turned on.  (Ignition piece is quite fragile)

Here is a picture of the oven with the bottom covering removed along with the heat shield.


Towards the back of the oven along the tube where the gas comes out you can see the ignition system.


I attempted to start the oven with it in this condition to see if the ignition glow stick appears to work.  Sure enough unlike the Broiler ignition stick that immediately glows orange this one stayed a dull grey.  Looking under the oven by removing the bottom drawer you can see that this igntor only has two leads to it and the gas traces back to a central gas valve.  Since the broiler is still working as are the top gas burners I made the guess that this valve is okay.  It appears that if the ignitor goes bad there is a built in safety mechanism stopping the flow of gas coming into the oven (makes sense).
I went to the and ordered the replacement ignitor for around 70$.  I could not find an exact match for my model number so instead looked for the identical part based on the photograph.  Here is the part I ordered


Here is the part that arrived from the repair clinic.  Swapping out the ignitor can be a little tricky since there is little to no room to remove the screws.  I removed the hex shaped screws by using the a wrench socket with no handle attached (had a old set of auto sockets).  This took a little finger muscle to remove but did come out okay, there are only two screws that attach the ignitor.

I attached the lead wires to the ignitor after dropping them down the hole in the back of the oven.  It does not appear to matter which way you wire the wires as this device is really quite simple.


Success with the new ignitor the oven immediately fires on and you can hear the gas flowing.  Repair takes about 30 minutes to an hour and is relatively quite easy.