I have finished modifying a wordpress plugin to create a simplified way to add quizzes and surveys to a WordPress based website.  You can download the plugin here.


This plugin is a modified plugin based on a couple of other wordpress plugins Рin fact my idea was to simplify and just remove features that are not needed.¬† I created a quick Podcast on installing and using the plugin.¬† My idea is that this could be useful in a situation with mobile labs, computer labs, or even ipads.¬† Teacher creates a quick survey, or quick quiz, or even a formal for grade assessment. The Student can then take the quiz using an iPad quickly visit an instructors site Рtake a quick or survey and would get instant feedback. The idea is to get better functionality easier overall use then using proprietary technology to simply gather student assessment. Can take the quiz or survey on any device that connects to the internet Рusing any browser.

Here is a quick podcast on how to install the plugin and quickly use.