At the highschool I recently repaired a Varitronics ProImage poster maker.  This machine simply scans in a regular sized document and enlarges it to create a poster.  The machine is over 10 years old and had recently began having difficulty feeding paper and jamming frequently.  Since the machine is older I looked into purchasing a new machine and was not happy to hear 3,500-5,000 dollars for an estimate.

Original Varitronics | Proimage

After cleaning the machine and looking at it I noticed that the rubber platen that runs the length of the machine had worn thin where the thermal heads rest.  Since the macine works by activating heat on a special thermal based paper I figured that the this rubber platen must remain smooth so that paper when heated will not stick to it.  A long story short all this printer needed to be repaired was new rubber platen,  after calling a few vendors that offered repair services I finally found one who would sell me the part for 90$.  It seems that there a few sites that offer repair services for this printer,  after seeing how incredibly easy this repair is I would recommend cleaning and repairing yourself.

Installed new Rubber Platen -  never clean this platen with alchohol or other solvents since this piece must remain perfectly smooth for the printer to operate.