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Advanced functional materials: metal organic frameworks assist in the regulation of tumor microenvironment

The complex tumor microenvironment non targeted drug delivery of

limit the efficacy of photodynamic chemotherapy in anti-cancer applications. Among many factors that affect the efficacy of photodynamic chemotherapy the high expression of glutathione (GSH) in tumor cells the characteristics of intratumoral hypoxia greatly reduce the efficacy of photodynamic therapy. In order to achieve the targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs metal organic frameworks have been cleverly designed as tumor responsive drug carriers in recent years. If the chemotherapeutic drugs that can effectively produce oxygen can be loaded into the metal organic framework that can regulate the content of glutathione the regulation of tumor microenvironment the targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs may be realized simultaneously which is conducive to efficient photochemical synergistic therapy.

Liu Bin Department of chemistry Biomolecular Engineering National University of Singapore selected a platinum (IV) - diazido complex [Pt (N3) 2 (OH) 2 (NH3) 2] as a prodrug for oxygen generation loaded it into the metal organic framework mof-199 (Cu) to form Pt (IV) @ mof-199. Subsequently a photosensitizer with aggregation induced luminescence (tbd-peg) modified with polyethylene glycol (PEG) was used to coat Pt (IV) @ mof-199 to form tbd-pt (IV) @ mof-199 nanoparticles. TBD Pt (IV) @ mof-199 nanoparticles under the high permeability retention effect of solid tumor after endocytosis by cancer cells mof-199 can consume the high expression of GSH in cancer cells at the same time it collapses selectively releases prodrug Pt (IV). Under light the released Pt (IV) prodrug can produce Pt (II) for chemotherapy at the same time produce oxygen to regulate the tumor microenvironment so that the photosensitizer TBD can efficiently produce reactive oxygen species in the tumor so as to achieve high efficacy low toxicity of photochemical synergistic therapy.

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