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How heat resistant is boron nitride

What is boron nitride?
Boron nitride is generally black, brownish or dark red crystals with sphalerite structure as well as good thermal conductivity. Its firmness is second just to diamond, a superhard material typically utilized as tool materials as well as abrasives. Boron nitride has chemical resistance and also no erosion by inorganic acid and water. The boron nitrogen bond is broken in hot, focused alkali. Oxidation starts in the air at 1200 ℃. Decay begins at concerning 2700 ℃ in a vacuum. It is slightly soluble in hot acid as well as insoluble in cold water. The family member density is 2.29. The compressive toughness is 170 mph. The optimum service temperature is 900 ℃ in the oxidation atmosphere as well as 2800 ℃ in the non-active decrease ambience, however the lubrication efficiency is poor at space temperature. Most residential or commercial properties of boron nitride are better than carbon materials. For hexagonal boron nitride: the rubbing coefficient is superficial Excellent high-temperature stability, good thermal shock resistance, high strength, high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high resistivity, rust resistance, microwave or infrared transmission.

What is the duty of boron nitride? Hexagonal boron nitride can make TiB2/BN composite ceramics, progressed refractories as well as superhard product; separation rings for continual horizontal rolling, high-temperature resistant lubricating substances and also high-temperature finishings. It is also a basic material for synthesizing cubic boron nitride. In addition, it is also a really exceptional high-temperature lube, which can be used as a component of self-lubricating bearings. Boron nitride has many physical properties similar to graphite, called white graphite. It resembles mica, baby powder, as well as silicate; Fatty acids are collectively referred to as white strong lubes. As a lube, boron nitride can be spread in heat-resistant lubricating oil, water or solvent; It is sprayed on the rubbing surface to develop a completely dry movie after the solvent volatilizes and afterwards completed the resin, ceramic, as well as steel surface layers as a high-temperature immune self-lubricating composite material. It is used in aerospace design, or the boron nitride powder can be straight coated on the overview rail surface area. The boron nitride suspension oil is white or yellow. For that reason, it does not pollute fiber products in textile machinery and can be commonly made use of in the lubrication of synthetic fibre textile machinery.

Is Boron nitride hazardous to human body?
Boron nitride is not hazardous, but boron nitride powder is a cloud of dirt dangerous to human health. Boron nitride powder is physically inert and will be destructive to wellness when ingested, breathed in, and also exposured to the skin and also eyes. Consuming or inhaling will trigger skin, respiratory system, and kidney flow conditions.

Cost of boron nitride
Boron nitride fragment size and also pureness will impact the item'' s price, and the purchase quantity can likewise influence the price of boron nitride. A large quantity of large quantity will certainly be lower. The price of boron nitride can be discovered on our firm'' s official web site.

Boron nitride supplier
Innovation Co. Ltd. , is a trusted as well as high-quality international chemical material supplier and also maker. It has more than 12 years of experience giving ultra-high quality chemicals as well as nanotechnology products, consisting of boride powder, nitride powder, graphite powder, sulfide powder, and 3D printing powder. If you are seeking high-quality and affordable hexagonal boron nitride powder, you rate to call us or ask whenever.

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