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Preparation of complex ordered structure hydrogel by Advanced Materials: distribution induced by electric field orientation and its controllable deformation

organic organisms use the anisotropic expansion contraction of muscle tissue to achieve complex controllable deformation movement functions so as to adapt to the changes of environment or avoid the pursuit of natural enemies. Inspired by natural biology researchers are committed to developing responsive soft materials with anisotropic structure applying them to the fields of bioengineering soft actuators soft robots so on. The orientation of molecules particles induced by electric magnetic fields is an effective way to prepare anisotropic soft materials. However how to construct complex orientation structure is one of the difficult problems in the design of bionic actuator.

the Zheng Qiang Wu Ziliang team of the polymer Department of Zhejiang University the Josef Breu professor of University of Bayreuth have reported a simple efficient method for preparing nanocomposite hydrogel with complex ordered structure under the action of distributed electric field. By changing the shape relative position of the electrodes the electric field distribution can be effectively controlled the nanosheets can be induced to orientate along the electric field so that nanocomposite hydrogels with complex orientation structure can be prepared. Under different external stimuli the composite hydrogels undergo anisotropic deformation locally form a specific three-dimensional configuration driven by internal stress. The composite hydrogel has certain motion ability by driving local deformation by dynamic light irradiation.

which are based on the distributed electric field to induce complex orientation are suitable for other nanoparticles liquid crystal molecules elastomers thermosetting polymer systems. The prepared anisotropic soft materials are expected to be used in the fields of flexible electronics soft actuators.

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