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Small: special surface physical and chemical properties of nano metal oxides promote electroanalysis of heavy metals

metal oxide nanomaterials with special surface physicochemical properties greatly affect their catalytic electroanalytical properties. In the field of electrochemical detection of heavy metal pollutants it is important to underst the relationship between the structure properties of electrode modified materials for the rational design of effective electroanalytical sensitive interface. However there is a lack of a comprehensive summary on the effect of nano metal oxides with special surface physical chemical properties on electroanalytical properties understing the relationship between their structures properties.

Based on the above problems Yang Meng postdoctoral fellow of Huang Xingjiu research group Institute of solid state physics Chinese Academy of Sciences Lin Chuhong associate researcher of "hundred talents plan" of Chinese Academy of Sciences combined with recent research on electrochemical detection of heavy metal pollutants based on nano materials reviewed the progress of electroanalysis of heavy metal ions promoted by active sites with special surface physical chemical properties of nano metal oxides 。

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