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How much should you know about the introduction and application of magnesium oxide

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Introduction to Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium oxide is a basic oxide, has the general properties of basic oxide, belongs to the cementitious material. White or off-white powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, is a typical alkaline earth metal oxide, chemical formula MgO. The melting point is 2852℃, the boiling point is 3600℃, and the density is 3.58g/cm3 (25℃). Soluble in acid and ammonium solution, insoluble in alcohol. Its solubility in water is 0.00062 g/100 mL (0 °C) and 0.0086 g/100 mL (30 °C).
Magnesium oxide is exposed to air, easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide and gradually become basic magnesium carbonate, light products faster than heavy products, combined with water under certain conditions to produce magnesium hydroxide, a slightly alkaline reaction, saturated water solution of pH 10.3. Soluble in acids and ammonium salts insoluble in water, the solution is alkaline. Insoluble in ethanol. Strong refraction in visible and near-ultraviolet light range. Magnesite (MgCO3), dolomite (MgCO3·CaCO3) and seawater are the main raw materials for the production of magnesium oxide.
Application fields of magnesium oxide
Industrial grade lightly burned magnesium oxide
Industrial grade light firing is mainly used in the production of magnesite products. Light-burned magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride aqueous solution in a certain proportion can be cemented hardening into certain physical and mechanical properties of the hardening body, called magnesite cement. As a new type of cement, magnesite cement has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, fire insulation, energy-saving and environmental protection. It can be widely used in building materials, municipal administration, agriculture, machinery and other fields.
Advanced lubricating grade magnesium oxide
Application: It is mainly used as a detergent, vanadium inhibitor and desulfurized in advanced lubricating oil processing, which can greatly improve the compactness and rheology of lubricating film and reduce ash content. The removal of lead and mercury can reduce the environmental pollution caused by lubricating oil or fuel oil waste. The surface-treated magnesium oxide can also be used as the complexing agent, chelating agent and carrier in the oil refining process, which is more conducive to product fractionation and improve the quality of products. Especially adding Mg0 in heavy oil combustion can eliminate the damage of vanadic acid in heavy oil.
Food grade magnesium oxide
Application: used as a food additive, color stabilizer, pH regulator as health care products, magnesium supplement in food. Decolorizing agent for sugar refining, ice cream powder, pH regulator, etc. As an anti-caking agent and antacid used in wheat flour, milk powder chocolate, cocoa powder, grape powder, sugar powder and other fields, can also be used in the manufacture of ceramics, enamel, glass, dyes and other fields.
Medical grade magnesium oxide
Application: biomedical field can be used as medical-grade magnesium oxide as antacid, adsorbent, desulfurization agent, lead removal agent, complexing filter aid, pH regulator medicine as antacid and laxative, inhibit and alleviate excessive gastric acid, the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease. Neutralizing gastric acid has a strong and slow-lasting effect and does not produce carbon dioxide.
Magnesium oxide of silicon steel grade
Application: The silicon steel grade magnesium oxide has good magnetic conductivity (that is, it has a large positive susceptibility) and excellent insulation properties (that is, the electrical conductivity can be as low as 10-14us/cm dense state). A good insulating layer and magnetic medium can be formed on the surface of the silicon steel sheet to suppress and overcome the eddy current and skin effect loss of the silicon steel core in the transformer (iron loss for short). Improve the insulation property of silicon steel sheet, used as high-temperature annealing isolator. It can also be used as ceramic materials, electronic materials, chemical raw materials and binder, additives, etc. In silicon steel used as a dephosphorization agent, desulfurization agent, insulation coating generation agent.
Advanced electromagnetic grade magnesium oxide
Applications: high frequency wireless paramagnetic materials, magnetic bar antennas, magnetic cores for FM components, etc. Instead of ferrite. It can be used in the manufacture of composite superconducting magnetic materials and also in the electronic magnetic industry. For "soft magnetic material". It is also an ideal raw material for industrial enamels and ceramics.
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