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Magnesium oxide-alumina refractory products

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Magnesium oxide-alumina refractory products, also known as magnesium spinel refractory products, have the chemical formula MgAl2O4. Since there are few pure spinel mines in nature, artificial synthetic methods are often used to prepare them.
One of its preparation methods is to mix MgO and A12O3 according to the spinel ratio and then use this mixture to make a blank. The blanks are fired at 1760~1800℃, and the fired blanks are crushed and then ground into fine powder in a steel ball mill.

The powder is iron-removed by hydrochloric acid, and then the washed mud is made into a slurry, and the spinel refractory product is formed by pouring method and fired at 1770~1900C. The refractory product's composition is close to the theoretical design of spinel (sample analysis. It is 71.9% Al2O3 and 29.0% MgO) and has the right high-temperature mechanical properties.

The main physical and chemical properties of magnesia spinel refractory products (containing 85% spinel) made by pure industrial alumina, caustic magnesia, and a small number of chromite ingredients, calcined at 1650 ℃, are shown in the table.

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