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The Latest Goal of Britain Power Plant Drax

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It is reported that Drax power generation accounts for 5% of the UK's power generation, and the company said that it plans to capture more carbon than its power generation by 2030.
The company's North Yorkshire power plant is powered primarily by renewable fuel. But now, it hopes to expand the system to capture millions of tons of carbon emissions from the plant. Drax is the UK's largest power station. It used to rely solely on coal to generate electricity. Still, in order to eliminate its dependence on limited fossil fuels, the company has converted four of its six units into the wood.
The company said it plans to reduce carbon emissions in two ways. First, trees that provide wood pellets absorb carbon emissions as they grow.
The second time was performed at the power plant site because carbon capture technology could capture emissions from burning wood. A pilot project at the site currently captures one ton of carbon emissions per day. The power plant hopes to install the system in two of its installations over the next decade, removing 8 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

Achieving this goal has particularly high requirements for the bearings of power plant equipment because such equipment is mostly continuous operation, the bearing is stressed, the assembly and disassembly are troublesome, and it is inconvenient to replace, so the bearings quality is required to be very stable, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant. Once the failure of crucial auxiliary equipment directly affects the unit's belt connection and even affects the unit's operating safety, therefore, bearings will be carefully selected on essential ancillary equipment with high reliability, high speed and heavy load, such as equipment such as blowers, induced draft fans, and condensate pump Bearings are used for auxiliary equipment such as front pumps, open pumps, desulfurization slurry circulation pumps, and their supporting high-voltage motors.

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