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Singapore's New Energy Vehicles Open New Markets for Automotive Lubricants

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Lubricants are used in a wide range of applications, but according to the field of application, lubricants can be divided into industrial lubricants and transportation lubricants. Transportation lubricants account for the major part of lubricant demand for a long time, accounting for about 58%, and industrial oil demand accounts for about 42%. Industrial and transportation lubricants are subdivided into many industries.
The latest data show that Singapore has 34 million motor vehicles in the first half of 2019, including 25 million vehicles.
With the continuous increase in the number of motor vehicles in Singapore, the number of vehicles and the total mileage, the demand for automotive lubricants has gradually increased. The consumption of automotive lubricants will continue to increase in the future.
The development of new energy vehicles has also opened up new markets for automotive lubricants in Singapore.
In new energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles not only have the traditional internal combustion engine power system, but also added a motor power system and a transmission system that meets the vehicle's power requirements. Therefore, the use of lubricating oil is not much different from that of traditional cars, and it involves internal combustion engine oil And transmission oil such as gear oil;
Pure electric vehicles are completely powered by rechargeable batteries, so internal combustion engine oil is not required, but transmissions, connections, shock absorbers, cooling systems, and braking systems still require transmission system oil.
In general, new energy vehicles are a new market for lubricants, and they place higher requirements on the environmental protection and energy efficiency of lubricants.


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