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Advanced functional materials: synthesis of two dimensional ordered mesoporous materials and research progress in energy storage and conversion

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ordered mesoporous materials (OMMs) have shown great potential in the construction of devices with high power density long life high interfacial activity fast reaction kinetics due to their unique structural characteristics. In the past few years using amphiphilic organic macromolecules as structure directing agents a series of significant progress has been made in the soft template method to prepare ordered mesoporous materials through the "collaborative assembly" strategy which can effectively control the chemical composition pore size mesoscopic structure particle morphology particle size of mesoporous materials in a certain range. However the mesoporous materials obtained by these traditional strategies are generally bulk materials which are three-dimensional ordered assemblies with nanopores. Their internal active sites can not be fully exposed it is not conducive to the rapid transport of guest molecules in the pores which limits the application of materials to a large extent. In recent years two-dimensional ordered mesoporous materials (2doms) are rapidly becoming a new research direction of mesoporous materials. 2domms not only inherit the structural advantages of mesoporous materials but also have ultra-thin two-dimensional geometry which can fully overcome the defects of traditional bulk mesoporous materials: 1) the open two-dimensional structure can ensure nearly 100% of guest ions / molecules enter which greatly promotes the electrochemical reaction kinetics; 2) 2domms has clear structure which is an ideal model for studying the reaction mechanism. At present many methods have been used to synthesize 2doms which can be summarized as top-down bottom-up strategies. The top-down method needs to prefabricate two-dimensional materials then etch them into holes. This strategy has the advantages of low output high cost poor controllability poor versatility. In addition the ordered mesoporous structure is poor which limits the application performance of the materials. On the contrary the bottom-up assembly strategy has high generality generally does not need complex operation steps. In particular by combining the "bottom-up" synthesis concept with the single micelle assembly strategy a series of 2domms with controllable structure composition morphology have been constructed at the nano level or even at the molecular level. These materials show great potential in the field of energy storage conversion. However there is still a lack of in-depth understing induction review of these latest research results.

in view of this Professor Luo Wei's team of State Key Laboratory of fiber materials modification School of materials science engineering Donghua University summarized the synthesis methods assembly mechanism research progress in the field of energy storage conversion of two-dimensional ordered mesoporous materials in recent years. The highlights of


. 1) the methods of preparing two-dimensional ordered mesoporous materials by bottom-up assembly based on single micelles are summarized including molecular / interlayer limited assembly interface induced assembly surface limited assembly.

2) introduced the construction mechanism of each method the basic mechanism of accurately controlling the key structural parameters such as the thickness pore size pore structure of two-dimensional ordered mesoporous materials.

3) reviewed the potential value of two-dimensional ordered mesoporous materials in various energy storage conversion fields including secondary batteries supercapacitors electrocatalysis so on. In addition the influence of material structure characteristics on the functional properties of different devices is also introduced.


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