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Causes of premature aging of roller bearings

Premature aging of roller bearings will lead to equipment shutdown. Combined with the practice of motor maintenance, the experience of preventing premature aging of roller bearings is introduced. The reasons for premature aging of roller bearings are: tight fit, misalignment of installation, strong vibration, poor lubrication, material fatigue, pollution and corrosion.
Poor bearing lubrication
The cause is a severe lack of grease or dry and aging grease. Due to the friction and heat generated when the motor is running at high speed, the bearing temperature is too high and the oxidation discoloration is shown as the bearing ball, cage, inner ring and its journal are brown or blue. Prevention method: According to the motor running time, environmental temperature, load, grease quality and other four factors to determine the oil filling and oil changing time. Normally, it should be replaced once from 6000 to 10000 hours and once from 10000 to 20000 hours. The oil change amount of the motor with 2 or more than 4 poles is 1/2 to 2/3 of the bearing chamber volume, and high quality lithium grease should be used.
Intense vibration
When the motor core fails, the roller bearing will vibrate strongly. The reasons are: hot deformation of the iron core, aging of the motor bearing, bending deformation of the rotating shaft, fastening the end cover due to vibration loosening bolt, the foundation is not firm, so that the bearing vibration. Prevention method: make the iron core small, soak the surface of the silicon steel sheet and silicone varnish to open the gap 1052, replace the new bearing with the same mode, exit the part of the rotor core shaft that is bent and straightened, use the 180-degree symmetry method, and tighten the head bolts of the end cover, strengthen the foundation, and tighten the anchor bolts.
The rolling rotor is set too tight
When the inner ring of the bearing is forced into the journal, the lighter inner ring will produce a heavily worn ring track at the bottom of the raceway, while the heavier inner ring will produce cracks or spalling on the slide way, outer ring and ball. Cause: The clearance between the ball and the slide is too small, the torque increases, the friction increases, the bearing working temperature is too high, so that the bearing wear and fatigue deterioration and failure. Prevention method: restore the radial clearance of bearing and reduce the amount of interference.
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