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Nano select: electrolyte additive: improving the stability of lithium metal anode

With the rapid development of portable electronic products electric vehicles as well as the attention to the use storage of new energy

has higher requirements for energy density. It is urgent to develop a new energy storage system with higher energy density good rate performance long cycle life. Lithium metal has the highest theoretical specific capacity (3860 MAH g − 1) the lowest electrode potential (- 3.04 V vs stard hydrogen electrode) so it is regarded as the "Holy Grail" of anode. However lithium metal anode is facing serious problems such as continuous side reaction infinite volume change low coulomb efficiency dendrite growth. Especially the capacity attenuation security risks caused by the growth of lithium dendrite greatly limit its practical application. In order to solve these problems many strategies have been developed. Among them adding electrolyte additive is an effective simplest method. At the same time it is also suitable for the current lithium-ion battery technology process which has been widely concerned by researchers.

Professor Wang Chengliang others from Huazhong University of science technology published the title of "electron additives: adding the stability of lithium metal" on nano select Based on the action mechanism of electrolyte additives this paper classifies the electrolyte additives summarizes the research progress of electrolyte additives in stabilizing lithium metal anode in recent years. In this paper the mechanism of electrolyte additives inhibiting lithium dendrite growth is divided into electrostatic shielding mechanism optimized solid-liquid interface layer (SEI) additive alloying mechanism homogeneous nucleation grain refinement mechanism leveling agent mechanism. Among them the solid-liquid interface layer control is the most widely studied such as the common LiNO3 FEC additives so on. Finally the future trend of lithium dendrite suppression by electrolyte additives is discussed. Finally we believe that

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