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Shipping Methods for FBA shipping from China to Amazon


Shipping Methods for FBA shipping from China to Amazon

When you ship from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse, you have several options, depending on your budget, when the shipment will arrive, and the type of shipment you want to import. Asiana USA can find the most cost-effective shipping method for your shipment, saving you time and money.

You also need to consider how the shipping company calculates the weight to charge you. There are two ways to do this: gross weight or volumetric weight.

Gross weight is the total weight of the shipment, including packaging, in kilograms. Dimensional weight is the estimated cargo weight based on volume. If a shipping company calculates both, it will usually charge you based on the higher value.

Air transport

For shipments weighing more than 200 kg and measuring more than 2 cubic meters, air freight offers a balanced shipping option for cost and estimated transit time. It takes about a week for the goods to be airlifted from China to the United States. Although air freight takes less time than sea freight, it is also cheaper than LCL sea freight for small batches.

Ocean freight

Sea or ocean shipping is the transport of goods along ocean routes by cargo ships. If your cargo weighs more than 400kg or has a minimum volume of 2m³, sea freight is the most cost-effective mode of transport; however, it is also the slowest.

You can expect sea/ocean shipments to take up to three weeks to arrive at US seaports. Sea freight is divided into LCL (LCL) and Full Container (FCL) according to the volume of your cargo.

If your cargo volume is less than 14m³, LCL is the best choice. In LCL, your shipment will share a single container with consignments from multiple shippers. In FCL, you will pay a flat rate for exclusive use of a single shipping container.

FCL is ideal for bulk shipments. While you don't have to load containers to capacity, you will pay for unused space. However, tracking is simpler by renting a container specifically for your shipment.

Express shipping

Express is also an available option when you ship from China to an FBA warehouse in the US, using carriers like DHL and UPS. If your shipment has a gross weight of less than 200kg or a volume of less than 1m³, you may consider express shipping. Billable weight is higher: gross weight or volumetric weight.

air express

Air express significantly reduces transit time compared to other shipping methods. However, the faster shipping times associated with air express do not come cheap.

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