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Small: overview and Prospect of rechargeable zinc battery

Compared with organic electrolytes

aqueous electrolytes are considered to be one of the more promising alternatives. The ionic conductivity of organic electrolyte is 1-10 MS cm-1 while that of aqueous electrolyte is 1 s cm-1. More importantly water-based rechargeable batteries have natural safety low cost so they are more conducive to be widely used in large-scale energy storage. In recent years new types of water-based batteries have been emerging including a variety of water-based batteries based on alkali metal cations (Li Na K ) natural multivalent cations (Zn2 Mg2 Al3 ). Among them due to the unique advantages of zinc (hydrogen evolution overpotential of 0.72 V theoretical mass specific capacity of 820 MAH g-1 theoretical volume specific capacity of 5855 MAH cm-3 the price of US $2 / kg) water-based zinc batteries (azbs) have attracted continuous attention. However the development of azbs electrode is limited by its narrow electrochemical dissolution window. Researchers have made a lot of efforts work on zinc based batteries to solve these problems.

Professor Ding Shujiang Dr. Shi Lei from the school of science of Xi'an Jiaotong University summarized classified all kinds of zinc based batteries. Firstly the electrode materials energy storage mechanism of three types of zinc based batteries are discussed the advantages disadvantages of all kinds of batteries are analyzed. Then the electrode behavior of zinc anode the strategies to solve the problems of dendrite passivation are summarized analyzed. Finally some reasonable solutions suggestions are proposed to promote the further development of zinc based batteries.

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