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What is angular contact ball bearing

What is angular contact ball bearing
Angular contact ball bearing is a kind of bearing which can bear radial load and axial load at the same time and can work under high speed. Angular contact ball bearings have raceways on the inner and outer rings, and the inner and outer rings can make relative displacement along the axial direction of the bearing. Therefore, the angular contact ball bearing is especially suitable for bearing compound load, that is, radial and axial load at the same time.
The larger the contact angle of the angular contact ball bearing, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. Contact angle for the radial plane ball and raceway contact point line and bearing axis between the vertical line of the angle. High precision and high speed bearings usually take 15 degrees contact angle. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase.
Angular contact ball bearing types
Angular contact ball bearing types are: 7000C type (∝=15°), 7000AC type (∝=25°) and 7000B (∝=40°) several. This kind of bearing lock mouth in the outer ring, generally the inner and outer ring can not be separated, can bear radial and axial combined load and a direction of the axial load. The ability to bear axial load is determined by the contact angle, the larger the contact angle, the higher the ability to bear axial load. This kind of bearing can limit the shaft or shell in a direction of axial displacement. Contact ball bearing limit speed is high, can simultaneously withstand radial load and axial load, can also withstand pure axial load, its axial load capacity is determined by the contact angle, and with the increase in contact angle and increase.
Application of angular contact ball bearings
Single-row angular contact ball bearing: machine tool spindle, high frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifugal separator, small car front wheel, differential pinion shaft, booster pump, drilling platform, food machinery, indexing head, welding machine, low noise type cooling tower, electromechanical equipment, painting equipment, machine tool slot plate, arc welding machine.
Double-row angular contact ball bearings: oil pumps, Roots blowers, air compressors, various transmissions, fuel injection pumps, printing machinery, planetary reducers, extraction equipment, cycloidal reducers, food packaging machinery, welding machines, soldering irons, square boxes, gravity guns, wire strippers, half shafts, inspection and analysis equipment, fine chemical machinery.
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