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What is boron carbide B4C?

The purchasing pace at the demand end of the international thermal coal market continues to slow down and the international thermal coal price continues to decline. Prices for thermal coal at major international ports continued to fall last week as buyers in Europe slowed in recent days for April, coupled with weaker-than-expected import demand from End users in China. According to China Coal Market net monitoring:  Australia Newcastle port thermal coal price index was 253 USD/ton, compared with 309.02 USD/ton, down 56.02 USD/ton, down 18.13%. South Africa's Port Richards thermal coal price Index was $264.5 / mt, down the US $62.72 / mt or 19.17% from US $327.22 / mt. The European ARA Tri-port thermal coal price Index was $281.8 / ton. Does the price of thermal coal in major international ports continue to decline to affect the price of the boron carbide? 

What is boron carbide?
The boron carbide chemical formula is B4C, which is a compound known for its hardness. It is the third hardest compound, made of boron and carbon. It doesn't exist naturally, but it can be synthesized.

Boron carbide properties
Boron carbide is a kind of hard ceramic. Its Vickers hardness is more than 30GPa. The only materials harder than boron carbide are diamond and boron nitride. It usually has a dark gray appearance and sometimes looks black. Commonly known as "black diamond".
At room temperature, this compound is usually a solid. It melts at 3036 K and boils at 3770 K. Boron carbide has rhombohedral crystal structure. In addition, it is insoluble in water.
The boron carbide density is about 2.52g/cm3. In addition, boron carbide molar mass is about 55.3 g/mol. The electrical properties of boron carbide are partly similar to those of insulators and partly similar to conductors. Therefore, it is described as a semiconductor.
Boron carbide is chemically inert. It rarely reacts spontaneously with chemicals. Boron carbide also has a high cross section and can absorb neutrons.
Boron carbide ceramic bandgap is 2.09eV. Its elastic modulus and fracture toughness are close to the range of diamond. The elastic modulus of boron carbide is about 480 GPa and its fracture toughness is 4 MPa.m1/2.

What is boron carbide used for?
Boron carbide filament
Because boron carbide has the ability to absorb neutrons. Boron carbide filaments are less harmful than filaments made of other materials, such as cadmium.
One of the uses of boron carbide independent of hardness is as a fuel. Boron carbide is usually used as a high-energy fuel in ramjet.
Metal matrix composites
Ceramics are needed in the second stage of manufacturing metal matrix composites. Boron carbide is usually a ceramic suitable for this phase.
Coating material
Boron carbide sputtering targets and boron carbide evaporation materials are used in deposition processes, including semiconductor deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD). This is because it is chemically inert and hard. Its chemical inertia ensures that it is less likely to be corroded. On the other hand, its hardness ensures that it protects the material from wear.
High security padlocks are usually made of boron carbide. This is because the padlock is difficult to break because of the hardness of boron carbide.
Control rod
Boron carbide has a high cross section that enables it to absorb neutrons. Therefore, boron carbide is commonly used as control rods in nuclear reactors.
Bulletproof vests and tank armor
Because of its extraordinary hardness, boron carbide is commonly used to make bulletproof vests and tank armor. Bulletproof vests and tank armor made of boron carbide are impenetrable to bullets and other sharp objects.
Abrasive material
Boron carbide is used as an abrasive because of its hardness. It is well known that harder abrasives such as boron carbide are more effective. Boron carbide is usually crushed into smaller sizes to be used as abrasives. Boron carbide is used in cutting tools and grinders.

Can boron carbide cut diamond?
Because of its high hardness, boron carbide powder is used as an abrasive for polishing and grinding applications, as well as as a loose abrasive in cutting applications, such as water jet cutting. It can also be used for dressing diamond tools.

Boron carbide B4C Price
The price is influenced by many factors including the supply and demand in the market, industry trends, economic activity, market sentiment, and unexpected events.
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Boron carbide Supplier
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China's non-manufacturing purchasing managers index for March was released by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the Service Industry Survey Center of the National Bureau of Statistics today. An index of business activity for the non-manufacturing sector as a whole fell below 50 percent. 

 China's non-manufacturing business activity index was 48.4%, down 3.2 percentage points from the previous month. The new orders index was 45.7 percent, down 1.9 percentage points from the previous month, indicating a significant slowdown in the growth of supply and demand in the non-manufacturing sector from the previous month.   In terms of sectors, the business activity index and new order index of transportation, accommodation and catering, culture, sports and entertainment, and tourism-related industries all declined significantly from the previous month. 

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