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Advanced functional materials: improving the coulomb efficiency of potassium ion battery conversion reaction by limiting effect

With the application of lithium-ion batteries in large-scale energy storage

has attracted the attention of researchers. It is necessary to develop new energy storage system. Among many energy storage systems potassium ion battery is one of the ideal cidate systems for large-scale energy storage because of its abundant resources low price. Anode materials for high-capacity potassium ion batteries usually can hold one or more K but with a sharp volume expansion. This characteristic seriously threatens the stability of solid electrolyte mesophase (SEI) on the electrode surface resulting in low coulomb efficiency poor cycle stability.

are based on a series of work Thinking on the anode materials of potassium ion batteries. Jiao Lifang of Nankai University Dr. Cao kangzhe of Xinyang Normal University proposed to solve the above problems by inducing the rapid formation of stable SEI film through limiting effect. In combination with coaxial electrospinning in-situ vulcanization technology the researchers successfully dispersed cus Nb2O5 in the core shell of carbon nanofibers constructed core-shell structure cus-c @ nb2o5-c nanofibers (NFS). In this structure the shell can protect cus from direct contact with electrolyte effectively inhibit the volume expansion caused by structural reconstruction which is conducive to the rapid formation of stable SEI film. The results show that after 100 cycles the reversible capacity retention rate of cus-c @ nb2o5-c NFS electrode is 93.1% which is higher than that of cus-c NFS electrode (74.6%). Most importantly CuS-C@Nb2O5-C The cycle time of stable coulomb efficiency of more than 99.0% was shortened from 30 cycles of cus-c NFS electrode to 5 cycles. The advantages of conis2 conis2 are the same. Tracking the changes of the electrode structure SEI film it was found that the limiting effect promoted the rapid formation of stable SEI film effectively inhibited the volume expansion of active substances thus maintaining the stability of the electrode structure. Therefore the use of confinement can improve the coulomb efficiency cycle stability of the electrode which provides a new idea for the construction of high-performance electrode materials for potassium ion batteries.
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