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Advanced optical materials: high efficiency blue perovskite quantum dot light emitting diodes assisted by multiple cation Engineering

all inorganic perovskite quantum dots (peqds) have attracted much attention in the field of luminescent display due to their high quantum dot yield narrow FWHM of emission peak simple synthesis process. At present the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of red green perovskite quantum dot light emitting diodes (peqdleds) has exceeded 20% while the efficiency of corresponding blue light emitting diodes is still low especially meeting the requirements of the National Television Stards Committee The efficiency of NTSC stard blue light devices (elpeak < 470 nm) needs to be improved. This is mainly due to the lower quantum yield due to the more defects in the blue perovskite quantum dots the difficulty of hole injection due to the deep valence b position of the QDs. In addition the current doping of perovskite quantum dots is mostly limited to the modification of single ions may introduce heteropeaks. If we can solve the key problem of limiting the efficiency of blue perovskite quantum dot light-emitting diodes the performance of devices will be further improved by using multiple cation modification.

Pan Jiangyong of Nanjing University of information engineering his collaborators have used Rb Ni ions to modify the A B sites of perovskite (ABX3 a = CS B = Pb x = Cl BR) respectively aiming at the problems of many defects deep valence b of blue light perovskite quantum dots. The addition of Rb ions can reduce the amount of Cl ions in the blue perovskite quantum dots improve the film quality. The addition of Ni ion can improve the defect formation energy to inhibit the formation of defects in quantum dots. At the same time theoretical calculation experimental tests show that Ni ion doping can also improve the valence b position of quantum dots thus promoting the hole implantation in corresponding devices ultimately improving the efficiency of blue light devices. The researchers believe that this research will improve the efficiency of blue perovskite quantum dot light-emitting diodes in line with NTSC stard further promote its application in the field of display.

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