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How to maintain crane slewing bearing?

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How to maintain crane slewing bearing?
Crane slewing bearing is an important joint of a crane, so the
maintenance of the slewing ring bearings is very important.
When performing slewing ring bearings maintenance operations, be aware of the dangers of being dragged into rotating pinion, crushing and shearing. Check and maintain to ensure that when necessary rotation and amplitude of the idea of action is initiated, any maintenance operation is not in the main boom, danger zone between car and roll or danger zone between car and roll, a crane operator is outside the driver's room.
Inspection of slewing ring bearings slewing support bolt:
1. Before slewing ring bearings each crane operation, the bolts on the rotary bearing can be visually checked at least once a week.
2. If the slewing ring bearing runs after 100 hours, it should check whether the bolt is loose, and then check again after 300 hours; For every 500 working hours thereafter; In severe conditions, the inspection interval should be shortened.
3. The slewing ring bearing is filled with lithium grease before the equipment; Bridge erecting machine lease.
4. When replacing slewing ring bearings bolts, clean them, apply thread fastening glue and tighten them; Use the crane according to the requirements of the operation manual and the crane table, or check the fastening bolts on time as required to avoid the danger of bolt fatigue damage.
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