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New and developing applications of nanodiamond

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Nano-diamond has been developed as early as 30 years ago, but its application was limited to the field of abrasives, such as polymer, polishing agent and so on. With the deepening of people's understanding of the properties of nano diamond, nano diamond has been applied in lubricating oil, metal coating, magnetic recording system, medicine and other fields, and the application field is still expanding.
1. Nano-diamond is added to lubricating oil coolant
Nanodiamond in lubricating oil. Grease and coolant applications are mainly used in the mechanical industry, metalworking. Engine manufacturing. Shipbuilding.Aviation. Transport. The addition of nano-diamonds to lubricants improves the working life of engines and actuators. Save fuel oil. Reduce friction torque by 20 ~ 40%. Reduce friction surface wear by 30 ~ 40%.1000 kg oil consumption of nanodiamond 0.1 ~ 0.2 kg.The stable suspension problem of nano-diamond must be solved when it is applied in lubricating oil. Companies have solved this problem.
2. Nanodiamond-polymer complex
Nano-diamond polymer complexes are used in aviation. Automobiles. Tractors. Shipbuilding.Medical science. Chemical industry. Petrochemical industry.Globe valves. The protective coating and wear resistant coating. Fluoroplastic rubber and polysiloxane-based high-efficiency coatings have been developed. Polyisoprene rubber. The elastic strength of styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber and natural rubber have been greatly improved. Adding nanodiamond to rubber can reduce wear by 2 ~ 4 times on average. Increase fracture resistance by 30%. Increase failure temperature by 15%.
The epoxy resin adhesive containing nanodiamond has higher adhesion and cohesiveness. The strength of the polymer can be improved by adding a nanodiamond. Wear resistance and thermal aging resistance. 1000kg rubber (polymer) consumes 1 ~ 5 kg nanodiamond.1000m2 polymer coating consumes 1 ~ 5 kg diamond.
3. Nanodiamond and the sintered body
In the field of abrasives and tools, nano-diamond is mainly used to mix with a transition metal to produce a diamond sintered body with high strength and low porosity. Its microhardness can reach 6000 ~ 7000kg/mm2. It can be used to process soft or brittle materials. Machined surface roughness is very low. If pre-epitaxial growth carbon or add static pressure synthesis of diamond powder. The microhardness of polycrystalline diamond sintered at 10 ~ 12GPa can reach the level of a natural diamond single crystal. It is made into drills to drill high-strength rock formations that can meet or exceed the performance of CB-СП (Russia) polycrystalline. When pressing diamond powder synthesized by static pressure. Nano-diamond was used as a component of silicon impregnating material. The yield of sintered body can be almost doubled. The compressive strength is increased from 1.7GPa to 2.2GPa. This sintered body is used as the cutting element of the drill bit.
4. Nanodiamond Magnetic recording system
Nanodiamond can also be used in magnetic tape. A magnetic recording carrier such as a disk.Wear-resistant additives and physical modifier function. A nanodiamond was added to electrochemically coating the composite magnetic recording film. To improve the performance of the magnetic recording device. The addition of nano-diamond can reduce the particle size of ferromagnetic material. Increase recording density. Reduce abrasive wear and friction coefficient.
5. Nanodiamond - Add to intermetallic compounds
Copper containing nano-diamonds.Tin and zinc intermetallics can be used as friction parts in very harsh working conditions. At this time plastic and liquid lubrication materials are often extruded. Nanodiamond is an ideal constituent material for copper zinc or a copper-tin alloy (content not exceeding 15 % by volume). The friction force was reduced to 1/2 ~ 1/6 by adding a nanodiamond.
6. Nanodiamond and Medical
Nanodiamonds can also be used medically for cancer. Gastrointestinal diseases. Treatment of skin diseases. It is non-toxic, has no carcinogenic or rust properties. Nano-diamond is a super-active adsorbent and bioactive locator. Can greatly enhance the efficacy of drugs.
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