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Small structures: DNA big data storage

With the advent of the information age the speed of data generation is growing rapidly. It is estimated that the global data volume will reach 175 ZB by 2025. The traditional storage media based on hard disk will encounter great challenges in storage life equipment investment power consumption. Therefore it is urgent to explore new high-density long-life information storage media. As a revolutionary storage medium DNA has been widely concerned in recent years. DNA storage has the following advantages: (1) high density. The density of data stored on 1g DNA can reach 1.7 × 1019 bytes which is about eight orders of magnitude higher than the current storage media. (2) Long life. The genetic information of organisms hundreds of thouss of years ago found in fossils can still be effectively sequenced. (3) Information security. The high specificity of DNA sequence makes the information encryption technology which is difficult to crack possible. At the same time the material characteristics of DNA make it can be hidden in glasses other items can not be detected to ensure the safety of data storage. (4) With the development of DNA synthesis sequencing technology the cost of DNA storage is decreasing at a speed beyond Moore's law which makes it possible for the practical application of DNA storage technology.

recently the team of fan Chunhai Wang Fei from school of chemistry chemical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University published a review article which systematically introduced the research progress in the field of DNA storage. The paper was published in small structures (DOI: 10.1002/sstr.202000046). The author of

firstly compares with the current storage methods based on hard disk introduces the design strategy corresponding research progress of DNA storage in data coding writing storage reading. In addition to the coding based on DNA base sequence the author also introduces a data storage scheme by programming DNA nanostructures with DNA nanotechnology. CRISPR an efficient gene editing tool developed in recent years has greatly promoted the information storage in living cells. The living cell DNA storage system is also introduced discussed. In recent years the author mentioned that as a fast convenient way to store DNA spkds still has a long way to go. The improvement of storage capacity the acceleration automation of reading writing process information security are the important directions of future research.

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