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Do you know which element powders in chemistry appear red?

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Chemical substances refer to any organic or inorganic substances with a specific molecular mark, including elements, compounds, reaction intermediates, and polymers. Among them, eight substances are called "three reds and five blacks" because of their colors. Let's take a look at which chemical substances they are! Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd provides you with hexagonal boron nitride(BN)powder, boron powder, bismuth powder and many other simple powders.

Copper element
Copper has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to be processed by hot and cold pressure. It is widely used in the manufacture of electrical wires, cables, electric brushes, and special corrosion-resistant copper for electric sparks and other products that require good electrical conductivity.

Red phosphorus
Red phosphorus is one of the allotropes of phosphorus. It is purple or slightly brown amorphous powder with lustre. Sublimation after vaporization will get white phosphorus. It is hardly soluble in water and CS2, ether, ammonia, etc., slightly soluble in absolute ethanol, non-toxic and odorless, and produces white smoke when burned. Phosphorus pentoxide is toxic.
Iron oxide
The main component of rust. The appearance is reddish brown powder, easily soluble in strong acid, medium strong acid. It is the main component of iron rust. Its reddish-brown powder is a low-grade pigment. It is called iron oxide red in industry. It is used in paint, ink, rubber and other industries. It can be used as a catalyst and a polishing agent for glass, gemstones and metals. Raw materials for ironmaking.

Widespread substance. Carbon is a non-metallic element, which is black powdery or granular porous crystals. Carbon is a very common element, and it is widely present in the atmosphere, the earth's crust and living things in many forms. Carbon element has been recognized and used for a long time, and a series of carbon compounds-organic matter is the foundation of life. Carbon can chemically combine with itself to form a large number of compounds, which is an important molecule both biologically and commercially. Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd provides you with hexagonal boron nitride powder, hexagonal boron nitride, bismuth powder and many other elemental powders.

Iron powder
Indispensable industrial raw materials. Pure metallic iron is silvery white, while iron powder is black. This is because of optics, because the surface area of iron powder is small and there is no fixed geometric shape, and the crystal structure of the iron block is geometrical, so the iron block absorbs part of the visible light. , Reflecting another part of the visible light specularly, showing white; the light that has not been absorbed by the iron powder is diffusely reflected, and there is little visible light that can enter the human eye, so it is black.

Iron oxide
Ferroferric oxide is a black crystal with magnetism, so it is also called magnetic iron oxide. This substance is soluble in acid solution but insoluble in water. The natural ferroferric oxide is insoluble in acid solution and is easily oxidized in the air in a humid state. Usually used as a pigment and polishing agent, it can also be used to make audio tapes and telecommunications equipment.

Manganese dioxide
Manganese dioxide is an amphoteric oxide, black amorphous powder, or black orthorhombic crystals. It is hard to dissolve in water, weak acid, weak alkali, nitric acid, cold sulfuric acid, and it dissolves in concentrated hydrochloric acid under heating to produce chlorine gas. It can be used as a depolarizer for dry batteries. In the laboratory, its oxidizing properties are often used to produce chlorine by the action of concentrated HCl.

Copper oxide
Organic reaction catalyst. Copper oxide can be made by heating metallic copper in the air, or by heating and decomposing copper hydroxide, copper nitrate, basic copper carbonate, etc. It is a black oxide of copper, slightly amphiphilic and slightly hygroscopic. Copper oxide is mainly used to make rayon, ceramics, glazes and enamels, batteries, petroleum desulfurizers, pesticides, and also for hydrogen production, catalysts, and green glass.

Where can I buy elemental metal and non-metal powders?
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