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Tongrun will introduce new extremely-high purity spherical titanium alloy powder to users

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  Metallic powder is the simple and critical fabric of the metallic 3-D printing technique. Tongrun has been devoted to the improvement of high high-quality three-D printing alloy powder substances. It is suggested that Tongrun is growing a new technology of plasma atomization (PA) milling era, which will introduce a brand new ultra-excessive purity spherical titanium alloy powder product AMC-Ti6Al4V to users around the world.
  PA generation is one of the hotspots within the research of the global 3D printing titanium powder era. Based totally on the high thermal strength input and steady drift atomization characteristics of the plasma jet, it may efficiently control the hollow powder price of powder, and the sphericity of powder is excessive, showing "like water. The mobility is specifically appropriate for metal three-D printing methods.
  Plasma atomization (PA) - "all eugenics" in the subject of spherical metallic powder preparation generation
  The PA era makes use of titanium cord as a raw fabric and makes use of a plasma jet to melt the cord, after which impact disperses and atomizes into ultrafine droplets, which might be deposited and deposited in the atomization tower, and exchange warmth with the cooled argon gas introduced into the atomization tower. Further, it's miles cooled and solidified into an ultrafine powder as proven inside the discerning.
  As compared with plasma rotary electrode milling generation (PREP), the titanium powder produced through PA era has finer powder and excellent powder yield even as ensuring excessive sphericity; in comparison with VIGA, EIGA and other aerosolization techniques, PA at the same time as ensuring the fine powder yield, the powder has a higher sphericity and almost no hole powder in the satisfactory powder; as compared with the plasma spheroidization method, the PA method has higher manufacturing performance. The complete advantages of PA technology can be stated to be the "all-teenagers" in the field of spherical metallic powder coaching generation.
  "three high" performance is well worth looking ahead to
  The titanium cord used within the PA technique does now not touch the reactor wall, such as ceramics throughout the melting manner, thereby lowering the danger of inclusions, and the organized powder has almost no hole powder, which ensures the "excessive purity and occasional hollow ratio" of the powder.
  Tongrun will introduce new extremely-excessive purity round titanium alloy powder to customers around the sector.
  The PA uses a warm atomizing fuel rather than a chilly atomizing gas to prevent the debris from rapidly cooling and collecting into an irregular form, and the produced powder has the characteristics of "high sphericity."
  The PA manner produces few powder satellite powders with excessive sphericity. The AMC-Ti6Al4V titanium alloy powder has the characteristics of "excessive fluidity." The hall glide fee is 30.8s/50g, which truely realizes "like water" drift.
  Handiest consciousness on professionalism, from EIGA generation to PA technology, from imitation breakthrough to era leadership, from solving "without or with" troubles to mass standardization guidance, Tongrun appears for the leap forward of "3-D printing spherical powder", constantly launching fees and demanding situations. The new height is best to produce the world's excellent three-D printing powder merchandise, making 3D printing layout extra loose, printing overall performance more solid, printing cost extra high quality, and growing greater fee with worldwide customers!
Tongrun studies group has a research history of navy substances and robust technical power. It has efficaciously advanced almost 20 styles of titanium alloys, nickel-primarily based alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, stainless steels, die steels, aluminum alloys and different well-known grade powder materials, such as titanium aluminum metal in research. Inter-compound, nickel-titanium shape memory alloy, high-electricity aluminum alloy, high-entropy alloy, amorphous alloy, and many others., a large number of worldwide main-side 3D printing new substances, compiled extra than 20 forms of steel powder materials for laser melting inside the choice region, participated inside the guidance of auditing components manufacture aviation enterprise requirements and national standards.

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