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What impact does an OCA lamination machine have on cell phone repair?

What impact does an OCA lamination machine have on cell phone repair?
Are you still worrying about poor phone repair, maybe you lack a good helper OCA laminating machine? It is suitable for various problem machines of mobile phones or tablets, such as OCA lamination machines.
Why do we choose to use OCA lamination machine?
Nowadays, most people want to use smartphones in their daily lives to communicate or conduct business with people all over the world. It is very convenient for people to buy and sell things online. In addition, smart phones are small in size and easy to carry, so the demand for smart phones is increasing year by year.
There are many smartphone brands on the market for people to choose from. In the past, a broken screen on a smartphone was difficult to repair, and the repair cost was high. People want to choose a new mobile phone, but it is not convenient to transfer private information to the new mobile phone.
This situation is no longer a problem, because we have a super brain to solve this problem. A good helper for repairing mobile phones has come out, and that is the OCA laminating machine.
What is OCA lamination machine?
OCA laminating machine is a machine that can repair broken screens of iPhone, Samsung, Edge and Straight screens of various sizes. By the way, some advanced machines can also replace the broken screens of iPads and tablets. The operation is very simple, clear and safe. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn quickly.
What are the benefits of OCA laminating machine?
The first is the full bonding technology, that is, OCA optical glue, which seamlessly bonds the glass coating to the LCD screen. Compared with frame stickers; it can provide a better display effect.
Secondly, no longer have to worry about a dirty screen.
Third, LCD screens are also thinner and lighter than traditional screens because they fit closely with the glass cover, increasing the strength of the outside.
Fourth, the improvement of the durability of mobile phones has increased the recycling rate of mobile phones, thereby reducing environmental pressure and realizing a true green economy in our society.
What are the characteristics of the OCA machine?
Most OCA laminators currently on the market have some standard features, including some new models.
One is the intelligent man-machine interface, which is a remarkable feature; there is no touch screen or one-button operation program during the operation.
Second, as mentioned earlier, the machine can be bulky. The average weight of the laminating machine can be about 45-60KGS, and the size is about 480*450*350MM. Considering that they are multi-purpose, some laminating machines combine five machines into one, so it is more convenient to operate and only takes up a small space, which makes sense. Built-in bubble remover, automatic ventilation fan, compressor, vacuum motor.
Third,the machine is equipped with an internally enclosed defoamer, which has a higher safety factor.
Fourth, the laminating machine uses a large radius cylinder and four balance rail joints, and the combined power of the laminating machine is close to 100%.
Fifth, the size of the film-covered board determines how many devices can be bonded at any given moment and the maximum film size. There is a model that often has a board size of 15 inches, which can be used not only for mobile phones, but also for tablet computer lamination. The plate is usually enclosed in a stronger structure to allow a vacuum to be created for the process.
Sixth, some new models have adopted a more flexible way of using airbags to significantly reduce the risk of damaging the flexible cables of mobile phones. The soft and flexible lamination also ensures that a uniform and consistent protective coating is obtained every time without damaging the screen.
Seventh, the price of OCA lamination machine is reasonable. It depends on the requirements of users or customers. If you need a fit function, it is very cheap. If you expect a machine to have many useful mobile phone repair functions, the price may be higher.
In short, in the age of digitization, networking, and intelligence, most people cannot do without mobile phones. Mobile phones play the most important role in our daily life and business, and the demand for repairing mobile phones will continue to increase. Therefore, whether you are operating a mobile phone repair shop or a mobile phone manufacturer; owning an OCA lamination machine is essential for you.
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