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Advanced functional materials: review of oxygen catalysis for new energy storage and conversion technology

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With the shortage of renewable energy clean energy wind energy is becoming more more important. The development of new efficient energy storage conversion technologies (such as fuel cell metal air cell electrolytic hydrogen) has become a key link in the development of new energy industry. Among them oxygen catalytic reaction namely oxygen reduction reaction oxygen precipitation reaction is the core reaction of many energy storage conversion devices its performance directly determines the work efficiency of new energy devices. Therefore the design development of high performance oxygen electrocatalyst is the key to promote the development application of new energy storage converter devices. Based on years of research efforts a variety of efficient oxygen catalysts have been developed including noble metal based materials transition metal based materials carbon based materials. At the same time for different types of oxygen catalysts researchers further developed a variety of technical strategies to optimize their performance at different levels (morphology chemical composition electronic structure).

recently Professor Xia Baoyu's team of Huazhong University of science technology together with Professor Ho Seok park's team of chengjunguan University South Korea was invited to publish a paper entitled "advanced oxygen electrocatalysis in energy conversion development" on advanced functional materials In this paper the high efficiency oxygen catalysts developed in recent years their applications in new energy storage converter devices are reviewed. In this review the electrocatalysts were divided into noble metal based transition metal based carbon based materials focusing on the electrocatalytic mechanism of different types of catalysts focusing on the relationship between their structure catalytic activity performance. The author further summarized the latest development of oxygen electrocatalyst in the field of new energy storage converter elaborated the working mechanism of catalytic materials discussed the related influencing factors in detail. Finally the opportunities challenges in the development of high efficiency oxygen catalysts in the future were prospected constructive opinions on the development of synthesis technology catalytic mechanism characterization methods were put forward.

this paper aims to provide ideas reference for the design development of efficient stable oxygen electrocatalysts in the future. Related work was published in advanced functional materials

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