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Advanced functional materials biocatalytic metal organic frameworks: the latest applications beyond biological protection

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In the past five years there has been more more interest in the binding of "mokds" to biological enzymes. On the one h MOF has an unprecedented ability to protect biomolecules from chemical thermal biological degradation maintain their biological activity. For example when protease laccase catalase are loaded in MOF they show excellent biocompatibility long-term recovery stability resistance to high temperature or extreme pH. On the other h biological molecules can rapidly induce MOF formation. Compared with free biomolecules they sometimes show higher biological activity. So far

have made remarkable achievements in the research of MOF as biological protection matrix. For example zeolite imidazole framework-8 (zif-8) which is composed of organic lig 2-methylimidazole zinc ion has a sodalite topology structure its size morphology can be adjusted. It has been widely used in the protection of biomolecules.

combine MOF with biomolecules to form biocatalytic MOF composites with unprecedented synergistic performance which is difficult to achieve by conventional strategies. The diversity of MOF building units the adjustability of molecular scale the modular synthesis strategy the heterogeneous interface of MOF biocatalyst components can lead to new applications which are beyond our current imagination. The latest development of biocatalytic MOF shows that the technology has breakthrough applications in intelligent adjustable biocatalysis precision nanomedicine vaccine gene delivery biosensor nanobiological hybridization.

Dr jieying Liang Dr Kang Liang laboratory of micro / nano biological systems School of chemical engineering University of New South Wales Australia reviewed the advanced synthesis strategies for improving the performance of biocatalytic MOF materials from improving the biocatalytic activity to the stability of MOF framework then to the synergistic performance with other materials. Then the latest applications of biocatalytic MOF system are summarized. Finally it provides an important evaluation prospect for the potential application of biocatalytic MOF.

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