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Advanced optical materials: Microwave growth of carbon nanotube Doped Perovskite single crystals with high carrier mobility

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In recent years organic lead halide perovskites have attracted great interest due to their excellent optoelectronic properties such as tunable bwidth high optical absorption coefficient low carrier recombination rate low-cost solution preparation. Extensive research has led to a dramatic increase in the efficiency of perovskite solar cells from 3.9% to 25.2% in the past decade. However the carrier mobility of perovskite is still much lower than that of traditional silicon or III-V semiconductors. Therefore it is necessary to further improve the carrier mobility of perovskite to develop advanced electronic applications.

Professor Wu Tao's team of the University of New South Wales in Australia has developed a rapid microwave heating method to synthesize perovskite single crystals one-dimensional semiconductor carbon nanotubes are added into the single crystals. Microwave synthesis directly uniformly heats each molecule through resonance so the size distribution of perovskite single crystals is uniform the repeatability is high. In addition the single crystal can be synthesized in one hour by microwave heating which is much faster than the traditional hot plate heating method. The proposed microwave growth method is not only suitable for the growth of high quality perovskite single crystals but also promotes the application of perovskite doping. In this work Professor Wu's team studied the single crystal of ch3nh3pbbr3 perovskite doped with carbon nanotubes. Generally speaking carbon nanotubes are easy to aggregate during heating it is difficult to achieve uniform doping in the long-term growth of traditional hot plate heating. In this work millimeter scale ch3nh3pbbr3 perovskite single crystals doped with carbon nanotubes were synthesized by rapid microwave synthesis. Perovskite single crystals doped with carbon nanotubes have excellent photoelectric properties. By using carbon nanotubes as ultra fast carrier transport channels the carrier mobility of perovskite single crystal is greatly increased from 28 cm2 V − 1 s − 1 to 298 cm2 V − 1 s − 1. Moreover in photodetector applications carbon nanotube Doped Perovskite single crystal devices have a record fast response (5 ns) which is the fastest among known perovskite photodetectors.

this research provides a new method for the photoelectric research based on perovskite. In addition Carbon Nanotubes Doped Perovskite single crystals can achieve high carrier mobility ultra fast photoelectric detection. The researchers believe that this research achievement will promote the further application rapid development of perovskite materials in the field of optoelectronics.

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