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Advanced science: new progress in low temperature methane oxidation and conversion: photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis

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methane is an important fossil fuel which exists widely in the crust. At the same time it is also a kind of greenhouse gas which is more serious than the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. However methane leakage in the atmosphere has lasted for a long time has been ignored. Therefore taking measures to reduce methane emissions will be an important way to protect the atmosphere the earth. At the same time methane can be used not only as an energy fuel but also as a raw material of other value-added chemicals thus enriching the production of chemical pharmaceutical other industries. However the low reactivity of hydrocarbon bonds in methane molecules still limits the efficient conversion of methane to value-added chemicals which is one of the main challenges of low-temperature catalytic conversion of methane.

Ma Ming associate researcher team of photon information energy materials research center Institute of materials Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with Professor Jon Hyeok Park Yonsei University of Korea Science

in this review based on the previous research results of electrocatalytic methane oxidation conversion at room temperature the team summarized the research on the electrocatalytic photocatalytic oxidation conversion of methane at low temperature discussed the current situation of methane energy the chemical inertness of methane molecules the great challenge significance of methane oxidation the current mode of methane oxidation conversion This paper introduces the system. In addition this review also points out the potential research methods of electrocatalysis photocatalysis in the future. This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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