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Application Of Bearings In Different Fields

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Bearings vary in size from small to large. The world's most modest "miniature bearing" measures only 0.6mm in inner diameter x 2.0mm in outer diameter x 0.8mm in thickness and is used in micromotors.

Dental drills (commonly known as dental handpieces) used by dentists are equipped with bearings that can rotate at very high speeds. These are two super-precision bearings with an inner diameter of 3.0 mm × outer diameter of 6.0 mm × width of 2 mm and a steel ball diameter of 1.0 mm. They can rotate at an astonishing speed of "400.000 revolutions per minute," which significantly reduces the vibration of dental mobile phones, thereby greatly reducing the pain of patients during treatment.

The main shaft bearings of the jet engine V2500 of the passenger jet on international routes has a rolling speed of 160 meters per second, which is equivalent to a rate of 580 kilometers per hour. It is precise because of the use of high-performance and high-speed bearings that the engine can run safely for a long time and safely transport passengers to all parts of the world. "The accuracy of machine depends on the rotational accuracy of the bearing," which is no exaggeration. Two bearings support the two ends of the rotating shaft. If the sway of the shaft center is significant, the mechanical performance cannot be improved. Computer external storage devices using ultra-precision bearings such as "hard disks" have an amplitude of fewer than 100 nanometers. The key to achieving such ultra-high precision is the accuracy of rolling elements such as "steel balls" and "rollers."

The bearings in the liquid fuel pump of the aerospace rocket is the bearing with the lowest temperature. This bearing works in liquid hydrogen at minus 253 ° C. The bearings used in high-temperature environments are typically represented by special high-performance bearings in medical CT scanners. In X-ray vacuum tubes with a temperature of up to 300 to 500 ° C, the bearings can also continue to operate and play a role in protecting our health.

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