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Chatbots are Generally Well-Regarded and Increase Customer Satisfaction, Claims Report by IBM

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It is safe to say that most people, when faced with an issue related to a specific product or service, find it frustrating if they don’t get to directly interact with another human being. And yet, waiting for a long time to be connected to someone when lines are busy is, perhaps, even worse.

According to a new report by IBM, the rapid uptake of virtual agent technology (VAT) – in this case, of chatbots – consistently leads to increased customer satisfaction. Chatbots are typically capable of resolving simple issues within minutes, and by reducing the number of human agents required also ensure that people get the assistance they need more quickly.

Despite being somewhat quirky and limited, chatbots are actually favoured by many customers due to the speed at which they can solve most daily issues. Image: Mohammed Hassan via needpix.com

The study has shown that – mostly thanks to the global pandemic – businesses have been eager to integrate VAT into their customer service systems, and up to 99% have been happy with the results.

Chatbots improved both the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of customer service delivered by human agents. The latter is likely due to decreased workload – when most of the simple queries received daily by a company are resolved by virtual agents, employees are more likely to “feel valued and empowered” to deliver a better customer experience.

Whereas, up until now, the performance of VAT was surveyed mostly by way of individual case studies, this time IBM had decided to cast a wider net. In collaboration with Oxford Economics, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) surveyed a total of 1,005 respondents from companies that employ VAT on a daily basis.

Results showed that 96% of respondents “exceeded, achieved, or expected to achieve” their anticipated return, and companies that have implemented VAT into their platforms have increased their revenue by about three per cent, on average.

While there is no reason to doubt the claims made in the report, it’s worth keeping in mind that IBM’s Watson Assistant is one of the most used chatbot solutions, which grew by 65% in popularity between February and March.

A full version of the report is now available for download on IBM’s website.


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