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Days in Burma

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With this trip, I was able to increase my understanding of Myanmar.Many tourists visit Myanmar every year, and there are many scenic spots to be praised. When people travel to Myanmar, they usually go to the following three cities: Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay, where most of Burma's famous tourist attractions are concentrated. When you travel to Myanmar, you mainly see stupas. There are all kinds of stupas in Myanmar. You can feel the devout Buddhist culture here. In addition to pagodas, Myanmar's natural scenery is also not to be missed, such as inlay lake and the bay of Bengal sunset are great. In addition, Pyin Alun in Mandalay is a beautiful mountain town with many British houses and villas, as well as old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages that take you back to colonial times in British Burma.


We have been cooperating with the Myanmar company for export bearings for a long time. Companies in Myanmar still speak highly of us. They say our company's bearing quality is good. The service life is long. Moreover, the model is complete, after-sale service also is very satisfactory. It is our honor to receive praise from our customers, and we will continue to work hard.

In the southeast Asian market, Myanmar is an important export market of Wuxi spark bearing co. LTD company . Mainly because in recent years, its development focuses on high value-added bearings, ordinary bearings primarily rely on imports. The quality of every day bearing products have been compared with its home country, and the price is low.


Our bearing product technology and the quality level is very suitable for developing countries and emerging industrial countries, at present, the company to Latin America, Africa, and other developing countries only accounted for about 5% of the total exports. The next few years will be the critical period for developing countries to industrialize gradually, and their demand for bearings will increase exponentially. The company is expected to make a breakthrough in the export of bearing products and technologies to developing countries.

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