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Detailed Introduction of Hydraulic Bearing in Cooling Fan

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Generally speaking, there are three kinds of bearings used for cooling fans; they are double ball bearing, hydraulic bearing and oil-bearing. Among these three kinds of bearings, people have a lot of knowledge about double ball bearing and oil-bearing, but a little knowledge about the hydraulic bearing.


Hydraulic bearing is a bearing improved based on oil-bearing. It has a larger oil storage space than oil-bearing and has a unique loopback oil supply circuit. On the other hand, when the hydraulic shaft is used for the fan, the working noise is reduced, and the service life is also very long, which can reach 40000 hours.
But the hydraulic bearing is still a kind of oil-bearing. After the improvement of the oil-bearing, the service life of the hydraulic bearing is much longer than that of the standard oil sealed bearing, and it inherits the advantage of the oil-bearing - low running noise. This is significant progress compared with double ball bearing.
Specifically, the hydraulic bearing has the following characteristics:

1. Sealed oil preservation design

This effectively prevents grease from volatilizing and dust from entering the cooling fan, significantly prolongs the service life of the cooling fan, and improves the reliability of the cooling fan.

2. Large space oil storage design

The hydraulic bearing uses the sealed bottom to make an ample oil storage space, which can store a large amount of lubricating grease, keep the bearing lubricated at any time, and significantly improve the service life of the fan.

3. Design of permeable oil circuit

This design ensures that the hydraulic bearing and the oil tank are interconnected so that the lubricating grease in the oil tank can enter the hydraulic bearing.

4. Unique low abrasion and high-temperature resistant grease

This kind of fat has a flat wear rate and high-temperature resistance. Even if the motor works continuously for a long time, the engine is in a high-temperature state, and the grease will not volatilize to ensure proper lubrication of the bearing.
In the design of the hydraulic bearing, the material of bearing is the key to ensure the quality of bearing. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. to provide customers with the best bearing products, has set up a quality inspection department in the company and spent a lot of money to introduce today's advanced testing equipment to ensure that every customer is provided with the most secure and satisfactory service.

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