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GAC to test its "super-fast-charging battery" in production vehicles

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After announcing its plan (In May 2020) to mass produce graphene-enhanced battery for EVs by the end of 2020, and setting up a unit that specializes in graphene and has begun research and development of fast-charging technology for electric vehicles in September 2020, GAC has now stated that it expects to test its battery in production vehicles by the end of this year, however - whether it can eventually be put into mass production will have to await the results of real-vehicle testing.

According to GAC's claim, the graphene "super-fast-charging battery" can be recharged to 85 percent in just eight minutes. If this proves to be true, the charging time will be comparable to the refueling time of traditional fuel cars, which by itself will be great news for the EV market.

GAC started the research and development of graphene technology back in 2014. After nearly six years of exploration, GAC has gradually mastered the preparation and application technology of three-dimensional structural graphene (3DG) material with independent intellectual property rights.

In November 2019, GAC's self-developed "super-fast-charging battery" based on 3DG material was officially announced. Now, we'll have to wait for the results of GAC's tests to see if its battery is indeed viable for commercial use.

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