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Haydale updates that partner IRPC starts graphene-enhanced face masks production

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Haydale Graphene Industries has announced that its partner IRPC has now completed the development project with Haydale and started production of its new washable functionalized graphene-enhanced fabric mask.

IRPC has placed a follow-on order for 200 kilograms of Haydale’s bespoke ink, with further orders anticipated, the advanced materials group said. The face masks are currently being produced for use internally within the IRPC group, with a forecasted external order book for 2021.

The design specification is planned to be reviewed in 2021 when the masks will undergo assessment for additional fabric properties such as Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE), UV Protection and EMC protection, Haydale noted.

“We are pleased to see the washable functionalized graphene-enhanced fabric masks enter production,” commented Haydale chief executive Keith Broadbent in a PR. “With the growth we have seen in the personal protective equipment market, we foresee a great potential in this area.”

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