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How Important is the Maintenance of High-Power Motor

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There was an inquiry from the company to the customers about high-power mechanical and electrical equipment, and they specifically asked if there were any maintenance services in our company. Of course, our company has been in this field for many years, and the factory can guarantee the maintenance of the machinethe factory can guarantee the maintenance of the machine, and we have many experienced teachers here. However, due to caution, customers are still hesitant. After all, they have more than 2000 motors, which have been repaired before, but the later use effect is not ideal. So, after many negotiations, we finally decided to make an appointment to see the impact of equipment maintenance.
After careful inspection by the factory master, we found that many of their equipment had problems of light or heavy. The specific equipment faults are as follows: the motor vibrates significantly, the motor temperature is too high, the bearing temperature is too high, and the bearing has abnormal noise. After inquiry, it is found that the equipment of their factory has not been maintained for a long time, which is not conducive to extending the service life of the motor. After all, we all know that in general, the engine needs a significant maintenance every five years.
Later, through the inspection and analysis of the old master, it can be concluded that the causes of the fault are as follows:
1. Lack of maintenance, severe dust and oil contamination on the inner coil of the motor, resulting in reduced heat dissipation of the engine, high coil temperature, and insulation degradation and aging;
2. The bearing has reached the service life and has been operated for a long time, and has not been replaced in time.
Given the problems, we have carried out a complete set of maintenance and repair for the motor, disassembled the engine, removed and rewinding the winding coil, used f-pole enameled wire, with temperature resistance of more than 180 degrees, wrapped the insulation layer, the whole motor was coated with F-class insulation paint, the front and rear end bearings and end covers were tested to replace the taking, and added Mobil N3 lubricating oil, dynamic rotor balance, no-load current test, no-load test operation, motor integrity Machine spray paint.

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