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New breakthrough in nano-gold catalysis

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The team of Huang Jiahui, a researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has collaborated with the team of Qiao Botao and Sun Keju, a professor of Yanshan University, to make new progress in the research of gold catalysis, and developed a synthesis of nano-gold catalysts with high activity and high stability New strategy. The research results were published in "Nature-Communication."
Gold nanocatalysts have unique catalytic performance in many reactions such as carbon monoxide oxidation, propylene epoxidation, and selective oxidation of aldol. They are considered to be a catalyst with excellent industrial application prospects. The development of high-stability nano-gold catalysts has become one of the research focuses on related fields.
The researchers carried out the step of co-precipitation, loading gold and silicon precursors on the surface of the titanium oxide carrier in one step, and then calcined at high temperature to obtain a silica-modified nano-gold catalyst. The method realizes the atomic-level mixing of gold species and silicon oxide species in preparation, and through the subsequent baking process, a nano-gold catalyst wrapped with silicon oxide film is formed with only a few atomic layer thicknesses.

The catalyst has a very high resistance to sintering. After roasting at 800 ℃, the size of gold particles can be kept at about 6 nm. At the same time, the catalyst has a very high reactivity. Carbon monoxide can be wholly oxidized at 0 ° C. Experiments. Theoretical calculations show that the encapsulation of silicon oxide can not only inhibit the growth of gold particles, but also the precious Au-O-Si bond formed by thin layers of silicon oxide and gold particles can promote the adsorption and activation of oxygen during the carbon monoxide oxidation reaction. The catalyst has an extremely high catalytic reaction activity.
This research provides a new idea for the development of new high-stability and high-activity nano-gold catalysts.
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