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The pure electric unmanned mining card solution supported by Huawei will have an impact on the price of the veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger

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On April 28, China, learned from Liangjiang New Area, Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute Co., Ltd. (CIDI), an enterprise in Liangjiang New Area, officially released a new generation of pure electric unmanned mining card based on the companys self-driving software system.

According to the introduction, this unmanned mining card is equipped with Huawei MDC computing platform, powered by Ningde Times power battery, and the overall automatic driving solution is provided by Xidi Intelligent Drive. Under ideal conditions, the mining card can save up to 90% of manpower and operating costs, and realize the unmanned and electric mine transport vehicles.

Previously, most mining autonomous driving solutions relied on cloud-based intelligence. Ore and the release of pure electric no card solution based on Sheedy think tank driving the latest generation of "high force and high security, high reliability, uniform standard" of the automatic driving system software, provided by Huawei MDC autopilot brain powerful intelligent driving computing platform support, single era to provide high-performance ore card battery system support, field test by the mining area, showed excellent bicycle to intelligence. 

At present, the automatic driving of the mine card still faces many technical problems. First, the unmanned transformation of the mine can not be accomplished overnight. For a long time, there will be the joint operation scene of the automatic driving mine card and the manned driving mine card. Secondly, the mining area is dusty, and the sensing equipment deployed on the mining card is easy to be covered by the dust. In addition, problems such as weak signals, the need to avoid debris, varying weather conditions, and various equipment working together pose challenges to autonomous driving in mining areas. The price of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger will fluctuate due to The pure electric unmanned mining card solution supported by Huawei. For more technical information about veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger, please send an email to [email protected]

This solution solves these difficulties and makes mine transport vehicles unmanned and electric." Sheedy thinks tank driving relevant controller introduces, first of all, Mr. Di intelligence driving since developed a set of by laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar and camera support perception algorithm of multi-sensor fusion, secondly, Sheedy perception algorithm of pure electric drive without ore card for spray, precipitation, dust is optimized, making even the laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar are covered in dust, It can still complete the sensing task, and can realize all-weather, all-day and whole process operation at night, rainy day, rain and snow. Finally, in terms of positioning, Sidi Intelligent Drive adopts the fusion positioning scheme of lidar and GPS. Through the quality evaluation and dynamic fusion of each positioning algorithm, it can realize the precise positioning at centimeter-level even when the satellite positioning system interferes and the signal is lost.

In contrast to traditional powered unmanned mining cards, pure electric mining cards do not need to be recharged under certain conditions but can generate their own electricity. For example, when going downhill, the electric car can use the motor to recover energy to brake, in this process, both power and play the role of slow braking. As long as the slope is right, going downhill with a full load can produce more power than going uphill with no load. The unmanned pure electricity mining card replaces the traditional manned fuel mining card, which can save up to 92% of operating costs.

The price of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger

On April 14, 2020, State Grid of China launched the first batch of 126 charging station projects. In 2020, it plans to arrange an annual investment of 2.7 billion yuan for charging station projects, which are distributed in 24 provinces (cities) such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, covering various types of public, private, logistics, sanitation, community and port power. Among them, there are 53,000 residential charging stations, 18,000 public charging stations and 7,000 dedicated charging stations, which will help make up for the industry shortcomings such as difficult charging in residential areas and lack of platform connectivity.

By the end of June 2020, China had 1.322 million charging stations of various types, including 558,000 public charging stations, ranking first in the world. By the end of September 2020, China has built 42,000 charging stations, 525 changing stations and 1.42 million charging stations of various types, with a station ratio of about 3.1:1. China has built the world largest charging network. As of March 2021, the members of the alliance have reported a total of 851,000 public charging stations, including 355,000 DC charging stations, 495,000 AC charging stations and 481 AC-DC integrated charging stations. For more technical information or price of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger, please send an email to [email protected]

The veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger price continues to be affected by the momentum of the veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger market rise, various opportunities and challenges and other factors. As a result, during the forecast period from May 2021 to May 2027, the global veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger sales market is expected to expand substantially. The growth rate will continue to rise. It is expected that the price of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger will increase to some extent in the second half of this year.

The market trend of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger

As a kind of green transportation with broad development prospects, electric vehicles will popularize rapidly in the future, and the future market prospect is also extremely huge. In the context of the global energy crisis and the serious environmental crisis, the government actively promotes the application and development of new energy vehicles. veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger, as an important supporting infrastructure necessary for the development of electric vehicles, has very important social and economic benefits.

Since electric vehicles need to replenish a large amount of electric energy every day, the operation of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger can obtain huge revenue from charging service. Compared with gas stations, the electric energy of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger is relatively safe and convenient, and veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger can be installed and set in a large number of places. According to the scale of investment, it can be as small as slow charging piles in communities, as large as fast-charging stations on highways, which can be operated by a single station or by networking. With regard to the opening of the veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger market, there may be more preference for service and power supply in the future, so that the construction of veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger can be more fully integrated with the market, and everyone will be competitors in the same market. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises engaged in veefil rt 50kw dc fast charger production to prepare and plan in advance.

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