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View: integration of nano diagnosis and treatment of cancer with near infrared two zone window

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nano diagnosis treatment integration is a new nano medical technology. By combining diagnosis treatment on a single nano platform it realizes the real-time monitoring of nano drug treatment process feedback of treatment effect. Nano diagnostic agents therapeutic agents can generate detection signals through external stimulation (such as light heat sound) which makes controllable treatment possible. Light stimulation is widely used because of its high spatial temporal accuracy easy operation high specificity. Compared with near infrared region I (nir-i 700-1000 nm) light in nir-ii region (1000-1700 nm) has the advantages of deeper light penetration higher spatial resolution lower light damage to biological tissues which has become a rising stimulation in the field of cancer nano diagnosis treatment. Therefore the integration of near infrared two region nano diagnosis treatment has a good application prospect in the field of cancer diagnosis treatment.

scheme: cancer nanotheranology in the second near infrared window integrates diagnostics therapeutics simultaneously to realize more effective cancer treatment in deep tissue The imaging treatment methods of near-infrared two zone imaging are summarized in detail. In

the related work has been supported by national key R & D projects Shenzhen basic research project Huo Yingdong education foundation young teachers' fund of colleges universities major basic research training projects of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation China Post Doctoral science foundation.

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