Although I am not really familiar with working on household appliances I decided to give it a try when the dishwasher at my residence decided to stop working the other day.  The dishwasher is a Maytag Quiet Series 300 and was just a little over a year old.  The problem began when some of the lights on the front of the unit stopped responding to input.  Strangely the Heavy Wash, the Lock (Dry button) would still respond but unfortunately the start and delay buttons would not respond and thus the machine would not start.

After reading a few forums on the web it turns out this problem is fairly common with this model with either the ribbon cable failing with a short, or the control board itself has a short.

In my case the control board had failed.  This part can be found online for about 70$.  (Control Board)

To gain access to the control board you will need a star shaped screw driver and a socket wrench.  Removing the door is pretty straight forward with about 12 star shaped screws holding it in place.

Here is the control Panel.  Keys for successful removal: Unhook Power (flip breaker) and make sure the ribbon cable is securely attached.  The ribbon cable will fit into the housing and the plastic case can be moved to lock it into place.

Replacement Control Board.

Working Machine.  The good news is that this easy repair was successful, my only concern is that this unit will give out again after another year and a half.  It appears that perhaps there is a design flaw in the device in which steam from the drying process can work itself into the control panel and short it out.  I wonder if perhaps you sealed the control panel box with Silicon if it would increase the longevity of the machine.